Fastream IQ Proxy Server 6.0.0R

Fastream IQ Proxy Server 6.0.0R: Complete forward/reverse proxy server combo for 32/64-bit Windows. DDoS application firewall and load-balancing with smart failover based on both ICMP and HTTP pings and sticky sessions. 3. Complete content proxy solution with transparent proxying support for web with support for the protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and Gopher featuring filtering with respect to domain, location, URL and content 4. DDoS/IP/domain/country-based firewall for both proxies as a tighter security measure. We update our IP-to-country

Best SMTP Server 5.20: Durable and secure SMTP/POP3 server. Lots of features against spam DDoS
Best SMTP Server 5.20

Durable SMTP/POP3 server program. Can be used as a corporate or personal server. Use with any SMTP compliant mail client. Accept mail on behalf of your users. Simple, powerful and bullet-proof. Lots of security features to protect the server from DDoS attacks and block SPAM. Multiple SMTP gateways in case you cannot deliver your email directly to the destination. Use parameterized mailing to send customized messages to many recipients

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Enterprise Mail Server 5.20: High-performance SMTP POP3 server program designed for large enterprises and ISP
Enterprise Mail Server 5.20

This is a high-performance SMTP POP3 server program designed for large enterprises and Internet Service Providers. It has a lot of security features and options that allow you to protect the server from DDoS attacks as well as safely block SPAM and spammer. As a personal solution, it is ideal for laptop PC users who travel a lot and have to use different ISP on the run. Using the program, you will never encounter a sending problem.

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 Personal Mail Server Pro 5.211: Fully-featured SMTP/POP3 mail server program to use along with any mail client.
Personal Mail Server Pro 5.211

SMTP/POP3 mail server program to use as a personal local SMTP server or as a stand-alone fully featured mail server. You can use the product along with any mail clients that are complaint with the standard SMTP/POP3 protocols. It offers a range of security features and options that allow you to protect the server from DDoS attacks, stop SPAM and spammers. It works in the logoff mode; SMTP gateways and parameterized mailing lists are supported.

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Easy Guard Server Protector 8.0

Easy Guard Server Protector provides a layer of defenses for operating systems, Internet servers and back-end systems which features quick deployment, simple management, and-best of all-the strongest protection for your entire Web environment. It has more than 1700 Signatures Rules with online update that identify and block almost all known attacks such as DDOS attack and Sql Injection attack. It`s fast and accurate, and it preempts attacks.

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ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 9.1: Web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that uses NetFlow exports
ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 9.1

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that collects, correlates, and analyzes NetFlow version 5,7,9 exports to show you what applications are using bandwidth, who is using them, and for how long. It also monitors the VoIP metrics. View in-depth bandwidth reports across your WAN and LAN without having to deploy expensive hardware probes. View the network threats such as DDoS attacks

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Complete Web Application Protection with Allesta Instant Detection & Prevention. Allesta protects your web applications against entire classes of attacks. Allesta provides proactive detection and prevention of all known and unknown application level attacks. COMPLETE SOLUTION IN A PACKAGE FOR YOUR WEB SERVER. Allesta includes 3 key modules: Allesta Firewall Module, Allesta HTTP Filtering Module, Allesta Connection Limiting Module

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